This is How Coffee Affects Your Digestion

For many people, coffee is an indispensable part of their lives. Starting with a cup in the morning to one at midday for some much-needed motivation, it's a beloved beverage, for both its godly taste and energy-inducing effects.

But if you’ve ever felt like rushing to the bathroom after consuming a cup, it's likely because of coffee’s laxative properties. Not only can coffee help regulate your bowel movements—but it’s also beneficial for constipation and tummy troubles. Let’s take a look at what triggers the mechanism.

This is How Coffee Affects Your Digestion

Why Coffee Makes You Poop?

The pH value of coffee makes it an acidic ingredient, since it contains multiple types of acids such as Chlorogenic acid, Quinic acid and formic acid, among others. However, the acidity levels vary based on three things:

  • The elevation level of the growth environment—at high altitudes, acidity is higher

  • Soil formation—coffee produced in non-volcanic soil has lower acidity levels

  • Roasting—the more coffee beans are roasted, the less acidic they are

Acidity levels are the biggest reason behind how coffee affects your stomach’s contents—as it triggers gastrin, a hormone that aids digestion. The effect is, however, not universal and mostly absent for habitual coffee drinkers.

Very little research is available on the positive contribution of coffee with regard to digestion. Most studies show both positive and negative impacts of caffeine on gastrointestinal functions, as it has been known to cause acid reflux, heartburn and even slow gastric emptying.

When Is Coffee Consumption Harmful?

Regulated use of coffee is good for boosting the metabolism, but when consumed too much and too often, it can lead to ulcer formation and inflammation in the gastric wall. Patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome need to be especially careful about caffeine intake as they’re at greater risk of developing ulcers.

The trick lies in balancing your daily diet with coffee consumptions so at the end of the day you’re not left with stomach aches as you suffer from dehydration and cramps. Now that you know all the scientific facts, we hope you’ll pay more attention to the moderate usage of coffee.

This is How Coffee Affects Your Digestion

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