Show Me How


JavaJavaMoola FUNdraising is a Coffee FUNdraising system that is risk free, offers something that your supporters really want, requires nothing up front and at the end of the campaign, makes the money you need to make a difference in your community.

Here's How it works...


1. Review the program and decide this will meet a real FUNdraising need for you and your organization, then push the red "Get Started" button and register.


2. Make selections for your FREE custom label and bag colors and we will mail enough FREE Glossy Sales Brochures for your entire organization.

3. Recruit your sales team and decide on your final price point to make three, four, or five dollars on each bag of coffee. Click the button below to see how easy it is to turn java into moola with our proven system!

4. Launch your campaign and have your team present the opportunity to your community to buy our fantastic coffee, tea, and cocoa. Your team will collect payment in the form of checks payable to your organization.

5. You tabulate the results using our very friendly personalized online ordering system and then place your order. It's simple with no minimum or maximum order size required!

6. You can pay online or by check. Shipping is always FREE (just a small $10.00 handling charge per order). Either way you have your profit in hand waiting on the coffee to arrive.

7. We immediately roast the coffee, package it in your special bags, organize the packing to make it easier at your end and ship it to you (about 7-10 business days).

8. The truck arrives at your door, your team distributes the freshly roasted coffee and your supporters are thrilled. Your organization is well on its way to fulfilling the passion and purpose that drives you to make a difference in your community!


Throughout the entire process the team at JavaJavaMoola Fundraising will be available for support, advice, and encouragement. We hope you will decide to join us on this journey together to simply make a difference!

It's as simple as pushing the red Get Started Button!