The Best Times To Have Your Cup Of Coffee

The Best Times To Have Your Cup Of Coffee

One of the best ways to start the day is with the aroma and warmth of coffee comforting you. Coffee addicts may not care about what time of day it is, as long as they get their cup, but for health and fitness reasons, moderation is vital. There are incredible benefits to drinking coffee, and hundreds of researchers have shown evidence of this.

But there are, however, techniques and regularity patterns that must be observed to see those benefits take full effect. Sleep researchers have been conducting different experiments to determine the ideal use of caffeine for high alertness and boost. Most research shows that 3–4 cups of coffee account for a reasonable amount of caffeine intake per day—with the last cup being consumed ideally 5–6 hours before going to bed.

Which Occasions Call for a Coffee?

It’s important to make the best use of those 4 cups in a day; while it's likely that you’ll grab the first one on your way to work, there are certain special occasions that call for a hot cup of coffee. 

Date Night

When you don’t feel like dressing up and going to a fancy restaurant, arrange a cute date at home and stock up on coffee. This is a great way to unwind and catch up on the day’s activities with your partner.

The Best Times To Have Your Cup Of Coffee

You can go for coffee on a blind or first date as well. A coffee date is perfect because there’s no pressure with regard to time, money, or commitment. If you like the other person, you can plan a lunch or a dinner, otherwise, you can just leave it at that.

Hang Out

If you’ve just joined a new office and are looking for ways to break the ice and make some friends, a coffee hangout is the ideal scenario. You can exchange pleasantries in the coffee room or invite a few colleagues to join you for a cup after work.


This idea is perfect for guests who need a boost before stepping onto the dance floor! Many people don’t consume alcoholic drinks for a number of reasons, so they’ll appreciate the inclusion of coffee on the menu.

Pulling an All-nighter?

Spent the whole day looking at cat videos on YouTube when you should’ve been finishing the essay that was due in the morning? Yep! We’ve all been there!

To make the bed look less attractive and avoid further procrastination, gulp down a cup of coffee for an instant boost. Make sure that you don’t drink more than a cup or two or you’ll start feeling worse, though.


Using coffee to raise funds is one of the best ideas—and it's not just because we’re doing it. People need motivation to open their wallet, and coffee is something that everyone loves and is ready to invest in.

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Truth Be Told—Why Coffee Is Better Than Tea!

Tea and coffee serve crucial functions, being part of the cultural and social fabrics of our community. From sharing a cup of tea every evening with your family to going on a blind coffee date, the widely beloved beverages are known to provide comfort, wellness, and a much-needed energy boost.

Truth Be Told—Why Coffee Is Better Than Tea!

The coffee vs. tea debate is a tale old as time and everybody seems to have an opinion. At JavaJavaMoola, we may be partial to coffee, but it’s because we have undeniable proof that coffee is the king of hot beverages in the United States.

Coffee has more Flavors and Options

If you’ve ever been to Starbucks, you know that coffee comes in a variety of assortments; the options can even feel endless. Tea lovers argue that tea also comes in a number of flavors, but do you find as many options and varieties for tea as coffee? The answer is no!

From espresso to latte to macchiato, you can find tens of options at every shop—be it a local cafe or an international chain.

Latte Art is Exclusive to Coffee

A cup of tea can be incredibly boring because it always looks the same. How many times have you seen aesthetic shots of a teacup on your Instagram feed? We bet the answer is very few. 

Now think about the number of times people have posted a shot of their pumpkin spice latte or heart shaped latte art in their stories and posts.

Truth Be Told—Why Coffee Is Better Than Tea!

Coffee is Widely Available

You can count on any café near you to serve a good cup of coffee, but can you say the same about tea? Not every restaurant or diner serves tea, except during breakfast. Coffee, on the other hand, is available everywhere and all the time.

Coffee Makes a Workout More Productive

If you’re grabbing a cup of coffee on the way to the gym, you’ll be burning more calories than those who had tea. There are multiple benefits of drinking coffee before a workout. It not only improves circulation, but also tones down muscle pain you may experience after a tough routine.

Stained Teeth are More Likely to Happen from Tea

Researchers have determined that tea is likely to cause staining on your teeth more than coffee. So if you’re hoping to keep your bright smile, it's time to switch teams.

Truth Be Told—Why Coffee Is Better Than Tea!

Coffee has also been linked to a healthier and longer life so it's time to invest in those fines Arabica beans and say goodbye to tea. Place your online order for quality cocoa today!

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The Ultimate Guide on How To Buy The Best Coffee Beans

If you want to wake up to the best cup of Joe in the morning, coffee beans are the right place to start. Your brewing skills and choice of coffeemaker will make little difference if you’re using low quality beans. This is because a ton of variables—such as acidity, sweetness, etc—affect the taste of the coffee you pour in the morning.

blog 1-1.jpgThe Ultimate Guide on How To Buy The Best Coffee Beans

So, whether you’re ordering beans online or buying them at the nearest grocery store, here are three things to look out for.

Buy Them Whole

Of course, freshly ground coffee is better than pre-ground beans, so it makes sense that you buy the coffee beans whole and grind them at home, right before brewing. Pre-ground coffee loses a large amount of flavor and starts degrading in quality the minute it’s ground.

Make the switch from processed to fresh beans, because the aroma, heightened flavor and heavenly taste are exactly what you need in the morning.

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Don’t Buy All At Once

Just because you’re buying them whole, doesn’t mean you need to buy them in bulk. If you’re going to store them in a freezer, you’re not doing yourself any favors. The beans will lose taste over time, so only buy enough to last two weeks.

The Ultimate Guide on How To Buy The Best Coffee Beans

 Look For Varieties

Few people pay attention to the two main varieties of coffee beans—Robusta and Arabica. From taste to acidity to cost, the two regional varieties offer different experiences. If you’re unsure about what you like, try both at first and then stick with what agrees with your palate.

Understand Acidity

The acidity of coffee beans is highly dependent on the region they’re grown in. Two main things that play a part in high or low acidity levels are altitude and volcanic soil. Coffee that’s grown in volcanic soil and higher altitudes will be higher in acidity and may even come with a steeper price.

During processing, roasting level can also affect acidity level—the darker the roast, the lower the acidity. When you’re buying a coffee bag, look for the roast date and if you’re unable to find it, it’s better to look for other options. Beans that were roasted weeks ago will have lost flavor, so the best you can do is buy ones that were roasted within the last two weeks.

Some people are unable to stand the sour and acidic taste of coffee, so make sure that you buy beans that agree with your taste buds. JavaJavaMoola offers customer 100% pure Arabica coffee and delivers it all over America.

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Bonding Over Caffeine—Why Coffee Dates Are the Best First Dates

Bonding Over Caffeine—Why Coffee Dates Are the Best First Dates

It can be difficult to decide where to go on a date, especially if it’s your first one. You find yourself contemplating about all the possible choices and what you can do to simply make a good first impression. The answer is pretty simple, and the answer is coffee. 

Coffee dates are always a good idea. The ambience is calm, the aromas are delicious, and coffee is the best drink to bond over; no wonder Starbucks was number one in the Top First Date Hot Spots of 2018 list! 

So what makes coffee dates so special? 

Here’s why they’re the best: 

You’re actually going to get a chance to chat

Sure, going to the cinema might be great, but it doesn’t really give you the chance to connect with your date on a deeper level. When you’re going out with someone for the first time, you want to know the basics. You want to know their specific likes and dislikes, what they look for in a partner, what their life goals are and so on. 

Coffee dates are casual and low-key, and they’ll give you the chance to talk and determine whether you want to take it forward or not.

You can dress casual 

We’ve all been through the anxiety of figuring out what to wear when it comes to fancy dinner dates. You ponder over what color or dress to wear or if you should go with heels or with flats. But with coffee dates, you can simply put on a pair of jeans and a decent top and you’re good to go. 

Coffee shops are also home to a wide range of clientele and can be the ideal spot for people watching and musing with your significant other!

Bonding Over Caffeine—Why Coffee Dates Are the Best First Dates

They’re inexpensive

Coffee tastes amazing, and it’s a cheaper option compared to dinner dates. A fancy dinner and movie can cost you around $75-100

You’re meeting someone for the first time to see if you can establish a possible connection or not, so don’t be keen on spending too much. It’ll be easier on the pocket too especially if it’s the end of the month! 

Remember that everyone loves a good cup of coffee, and if things go well, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spend more on your date. You don’t have to go all out the first time. 

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Ways to Make Your Coffee Super Healthy

Ways to Make Your Coffee Super Healthy

Photo credits: denamorado

With the deplorable health conditions and the rise in obesity levels in the country in recent times, the youth of America has become more health conscious than their predecessors. However, that doesn’t mean that the average American adult is ready to give up coffee. As 83% claim that they can’t live without their fill of caffeine every day!

So we decided to come up with solutions where Americans can still enjoy their daily shot of espresso while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Milking Your Milk Preferences 

Ways to Make Your Coffee Super Healthy

Start with milk. Using almond or soy milk instead of cow milk is a healthier option as coffee often already contains inflammatory elements; almond milk can help reduce mucus inflammation in your body. You can just add any unsweetened milk and add the same rich creaminess to your drink without the added sugar!

Sweeten the Coffee with Cocoa or Cinnamon

Ways to Make Your Coffee Super Healthy

If you’re a health conscious freak, sugar is your enemy. However, to dilute the bitter tang of coffee you need a sweetener and since sugar isn’t an option for healthy living; you’ll have to raid your spice cabinet! That’s right, a natural flavor like cocoa, vanilla or cinnamon can add the perfect blend of sweet and spicy to your concoction and still be good for your health. In fact, cinnamon is God’s gift to mankind because it has so many health benefits, that it should make an appearance in your daily diet chart anyway, irrespective of whether you add it to your coffee or not!

Don’t Slurp It in One Go!

The reason you feel jittery after your morning caffeine intake is that you don’t let your body digest the strain at a slow pace. This not only leaves your body over-caffeinated but also doesn’t allow you to enjoy the creamy goodness of it! So wait a while, set a leisurely pace and let it wake you up sip by sip!

Pair it with Good Fats

Ways to Make Your Coffee Super Healthy

Coffee on its own, that too in the morning can be bad for your stomach and by extension your health. Pairing it with a healthy snack will keep the effect of caffeine in control and won’t result in increased blood-sugar levels. 

Buy Good Quality Coffee

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