The Best Times To Have Your Cup Of Coffee

The Best Times To Have Your Cup Of Coffee

One of the best ways to start the day is with the aroma and warmth of coffee comforting you. Coffee addicts may not care about what time of day it is, as long as they get their cup, but for health and fitness reasons, moderation is vital. There are incredible benefits to drinking coffee, and hundreds of researchers have shown evidence of this.

But there are, however, techniques and regularity patterns that must be observed to see those benefits take full effect. Sleep researchers have been conducting different experiments to determine the ideal use of caffeine for high alertness and boost. Most research shows that 3–4 cups of coffee account for a reasonable amount of caffeine intake per day—with the last cup being consumed ideally 5–6 hours before going to bed.

Which Occasions Call for a Coffee?

It’s important to make the best use of those 4 cups in a day; while it's likely that you’ll grab the first one on your way to work, there are certain special occasions that call for a hot cup of coffee. 

Date Night

When you don’t feel like dressing up and going to a fancy restaurant, arrange a cute date at home and stock up on coffee. This is a great way to unwind and catch up on the day’s activities with your partner.

The Best Times To Have Your Cup Of Coffee

You can go for coffee on a blind or first date as well. A coffee date is perfect because there’s no pressure with regard to time, money, or commitment. If you like the other person, you can plan a lunch or a dinner, otherwise, you can just leave it at that.

Hang Out

If you’ve just joined a new office and are looking for ways to break the ice and make some friends, a coffee hangout is the ideal scenario. You can exchange pleasantries in the coffee room or invite a few colleagues to join you for a cup after work.


This idea is perfect for guests who need a boost before stepping onto the dance floor! Many people don’t consume alcoholic drinks for a number of reasons, so they’ll appreciate the inclusion of coffee on the menu.

Pulling an All-nighter?

Spent the whole day looking at cat videos on YouTube when you should’ve been finishing the essay that was due in the morning? Yep! We’ve all been there!

To make the bed look less attractive and avoid further procrastination, gulp down a cup of coffee for an instant boost. Make sure that you don’t drink more than a cup or two or you’ll start feeling worse, though.


Using coffee to raise funds is one of the best ideas—and it's not just because we’re doing it. People need motivation to open their wallet, and coffee is something that everyone loves and is ready to invest in.

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