On a Journey Together to Simply Make a Difference

Our Story

Java Java Moola Coffee FUNdraising

JavaJavaMoola FUNdraising was created by George and Sandy Christian in response to the downward spiral of the National Economy. In 2008 it became obvious that the highly successful Commercial Construction Company they had help to build was going to take a real hit from the events happening all around them.

As George and his business partner began to button down the hatches and tighten the belt of their business , it became clear that the storm they were preparing to weather was going to be far worse and far longer than any they had experienced over the 18 years of working together. Thankful that they had been led to prepare over the years for such a storm, they quickly positioned their company to be one of the survivors.

It became apparent very quickly that this "Economic Storm" was impacting many that had never experienced an event of such magnitude. Living in the Colorado Springs area, home of over 100 National Headquarters of Non Profit Organizations, it was soon obvious to George from talking with friends at church and around the community that raising the support that normally kept these great organizations alive was becoming a huge task. As support was cut back by "concerned" or "out of work" supporters around the country, substantial layoffs started at these national organizations. Soon many of the small benefits and services these groups had always provided were eliminated out of necessity.

As a teacher, Sandy understood that reduced school budgets meant that many of the programs typical of good school systems would also either be eliminated or the burden of raising the money for these programs would fall on staff, parents and supporters more than ever before. All around them, in the organizations they participated in, they began to see how difficult it was becoming to fund even the simplest summer youth mission trip or take a sports team, band or choir on a road trip. Worthy causes were struggling more than ever, right before their eyes.

Determined to do something about the need, they realized that alone, they could probably not have much of an impact on the large organizations......... so they turned their attention to the smaller groups .......a teacher needing to continue the three day fifth grade camp tradition she had started that neither the school system nor the kids parents could still fit in the budget. Or the pastor in a small community in the mountains of Colorado that had planted a dream of taking a bunch of kids each summer to help in an orphanage in Mexico but no longer had the funds. The opportunities were everywhere and as they looked outside their immediate area, they learned that many had the same need.

Moola....these groups needed just a little Moola! Not huge amounts of money......maybe a few hundred or a few thousand but from where they were setting, it looked all but impossible. Fundraising .....that was the answer.....but how do you do that? After raising five kids George and Sandy knew a lot about the parents end of the fundraising business.......they had bought and sold every type of coupon book, popcorn, candy bars, cookies...you name it and they had done it......and usually left with a bunch of soggy, wrinkled stuff that no one else wanted or would pay for that they got the privilege to purchase! You know the stuff you find under the car seat the next year.

So if fundraising was the answer then it had to be done differently......it had to be FUN, simple, something that people really wanted and were already buying anyway! It had to be of great quality and give a real value so that supporters would actually want to buy again next month or next year! And how about risk free.....the last thing these groups needed was to have to put up a bunch of money up front and risk loosing it! They needed more Moola, not less!

And finally it shouldn't require a lot of time by the teacher, youth pastor, coach or whoever the group leader was that would be running the campaign. Oh, and one last thing ...at the end of the day.......if the groups followed the simple plan....it had to work...meaning it had to raise money, Moola, cash! It had to solve the financial need that started everyone down this road in the first place. It had to make things better!

Then, almost by accident, but more by providence George met Kathy and Dave and Eric.......the finest coffee roasters in the world.......ready to partner.......with all the missing pieces ....Java....Java......that was the answer.... Coffee! It met all the criteria......and when combined with George's marketing and business skill and Sandy's passion for kids and her gift of encouragement.....in no time JavaJavaMoola was born.

Today, all kinds of groups have joined them "ON A JOURNEY TOGETHER TO SIMPLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE". We hope that you will join all of us on this journey.

Together, we will make a difference in your community!