Find the Right Coffee Beans for a Cold Brew

Cold brews are all the rage these days. They become an even more compelling option on a hot summer day when that refreshing jolt jerks us wide awake. It has very mild levels of bitterness which bring out the more subtle taste of the coffee beans. So if you were thinking that it is just hot brewed coffee served with ice, you have a lot to learn! It is not just brewed with room-temperature water but also with different type of beans to produce that amazing flavor. 

Find the Right Coffee Beans for a Cold Brew

Type of Coffee Beans

Roast Options

One of the most important things to consider when you’re on the lookout for the best coffee beans for your cold brew is the degree of roast you should opt for. There are three levels available in the market: light, medium and dark roast. In such cases, dark roast is usually preferred because it has a very rich flavor which can even be tinged with a chocolaty, nutty or earthy flavor. Another reason is because they’re more towards the affordable side and require lesser time for extraction.

The Grind

You should take great caution when selecting the grind size of the coffee or those perfect coffee beans wouldn’t be fully appreciated. Most people believe that a coarser grind setting will help in better extraction. However, this increases the brewing time and makes the process of extraction harder as it takes more time for the solvent to pull out the flavors.

Find the Right Coffee Beans for a Cold Brew

Age of the Bean

This is not of great concern for us cold coffee brewers. Some soluble coffee elements don’t get extracted in cold brews, therefore, it would produce a great beverage even with aged beans as those faded aromatics would not have been extracted in the first place.

So, when you go to buy coffee for your cold brew, you need to consider all of these factors! We, at JavaJavaMoola would like to help you with your decision. We offer a variety of coffee for all your caffeine needs and even use it to help local communities fund their causes. Order now and make yourself that cold brew everyone is talking about.