Truth Be Told—Why Coffee Is Better Than Tea!

Tea and coffee serve crucial functions, being part of the cultural and social fabrics of our community. From sharing a cup of tea every evening with your family to going on a blind coffee date, the widely beloved beverages are known to provide comfort, wellness, and a much-needed energy boost.

Truth Be Told—Why Coffee Is Better Than Tea!

The coffee vs. tea debate is a tale old as time and everybody seems to have an opinion. At JavaJavaMoola, we may be partial to coffee, but it’s because we have undeniable proof that coffee is the king of hot beverages in the United States.

Coffee has more Flavors and Options

If you’ve ever been to Starbucks, you know that coffee comes in a variety of assortments; the options can even feel endless. Tea lovers argue that tea also comes in a number of flavors, but do you find as many options and varieties for tea as coffee? The answer is no!

From espresso to latte to macchiato, you can find tens of options at every shop—be it a local cafe or an international chain.

Latte Art is Exclusive to Coffee

A cup of tea can be incredibly boring because it always looks the same. How many times have you seen aesthetic shots of a teacup on your Instagram feed? We bet the answer is very few. 

Now think about the number of times people have posted a shot of their pumpkin spice latte or heart shaped latte art in their stories and posts.

Truth Be Told—Why Coffee Is Better Than Tea!

Coffee is Widely Available

You can count on any café near you to serve a good cup of coffee, but can you say the same about tea? Not every restaurant or diner serves tea, except during breakfast. Coffee, on the other hand, is available everywhere and all the time.

Coffee Makes a Workout More Productive

If you’re grabbing a cup of coffee on the way to the gym, you’ll be burning more calories than those who had tea. There are multiple benefits of drinking coffee before a workout. It not only improves circulation, but also tones down muscle pain you may experience after a tough routine.

Stained Teeth are More Likely to Happen from Tea

Researchers have determined that tea is likely to cause staining on your teeth more than coffee. So if you’re hoping to keep your bright smile, it's time to switch teams.

Truth Be Told—Why Coffee Is Better Than Tea!

Coffee has also been linked to a healthier and longer life so it's time to invest in those fines Arabica beans and say goodbye to tea. Place your online order for quality cocoa today!

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