A guide to making the Perfect Espresso

Espresso consumption has been recorded to reach an all-time high by the U.S National Coffee Association, and is on its way further up. 

This growing popularity has necessitated the need for the perfect espresso to kick start the day and get rid of those morning blues. However, it’s tough to find the espresso that is just right for you since every café has its own ratios that it adheres to. 

So, for most of you, making it at home might be the better option! And we are here to help you with that. We will guide you through the entire process and help you hit that sweet spot

A guide to making the Perfect Espresso


When making your espresso, there are three main things that you ought to consider. One of these is the dose or the amount of dry coffee. This is usually measured in grams and falls ideally between 14 and 24 grams. This wide range is owed to the fact that different degrees of roast demand different amount of coffee. A darker roast, for instance, would require lesser amount of coffee to achieve the same strength of flavor than a lighter one. It also depends on the size of basket size of your portafilter. If the baskets can carry 20 grams each, then around 20 grams is recommended for your dosage depending on the roast color.

A guide to making the Perfect Espresso


Next thing you need to consider is the amount of water to be added. Usually, with espresso, a coffee to water ratio of 1:2 is recommended. This was traditionally measured in milliliters but people have lately transitioned towards centimeter measurements for greater convenience. Consequentially, an ideal espresso with 20 grams of dry coffee should have 40 grams of water. More water would weaken the flavor and a lesser amount would give it a very bitter taste so this is just the right amount for the release of the perfect flavor.

Time Taken To Brew

The third factor to be considered is the brewing time. It varies depending on the color of the roast. Usually, a range of 20-35 seconds is suggested as with darker roasts, it’s easier to extract flavor as they’re shallower so we can brew it in around 25 seconds. For lighter ones however, the denser texture increases the extraction time closer to 35 seconds. 

Every coffee has its ideal sweet spot in terms of brew time. If you brew it for too long, it gets bitter; leave it for too less and the taste would lack depth. This phase requires a degree of experimental work but once the sweet spot is determined, it’s much easier to perfect it.

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