Promoting Your Coffee Fundraiser — 4 Ways to Attract Attention

Here's how to promote your coffee fundraiser with 5 easy ways to attract attention

You’d think that with something as appetizing as coffee, the product would sell itself.

Yet, even with your faith in the popularity of this much-loved beverage, the truth is that unless you advertise your coffee properly, customers will go to greener pastures for their daily caffeine hit.

To make your job easier, here are some ways you can bring the people’s attention to your coffee fundraiser.

1. Beauty of Coffee in Action

Imagine the scene; the sun is shining, a crowd is making its way to you. You brew some coffee in a French press or a coffee maker, and let the fragrance of its freshness waft through.

People slow down. They turn to the table you’re brewing coffee on that has your non-profit’s logo on it. They buy a bag or two while you tell them about your cause. Tempted by the smell and taste, they stay put, listening to you. If possible, they even end up donating more to your fundraiser, feeling positively chuffed that they got some amazing coffee out of it.

This is how you use the enticing power of coffee to sell it.

How to use the enticing power of coffee to sell it

2. Leaning on BOGOF Deals

No matter how rich they are or how much coffee they already have, a true caffeine lover will not pass on a chance to get a bag of coffee free when they purchase one. If you’ve ordered more coffee than you need, use this chance to sell big and get people’s attention.

When you have limited extra stock, advertise the prospect of the first 100 customers getting free bags of delicious Arabica coffee.

Really focus on its origin and deliciousness. Paired it with a tag that says ‘Free’ you’ll be dealing with a big crowd who’ll want to get in on the action before it’s all sold out.

3. Make a Package Out of it

Coffee packaging

This is a great idea if you have a bigger budget.

Instead of hosting a large event and spending your money all in one go, it’s much better to be creative with your fundraising product. With the coffee you get from JavaJavaMoola, add some specialty coffee related items like a nice mug with your non-profit’s information on it, a mug warmer, or wood stirrers with the deal and advertise a unique coffee-themed package which works perfectly as a gift, or just a little something you’d want to treat yourself with.

Even if the price is higher, with the products you’ll be selling, the overall value of the package will speak for itself.

4. A Little Something Extra

Ask yourself; what could be better than 100 percent pure Arabica coffee that’s affordable to boot?

100 percent pure Arabica coffee that’s available in different roasts and exotic flavors!

While you can get good coffee just about anywhere, premium roasts and great flavors aren’t as easily accessible. By offering specialty coffees in unique flavors like Dutch Apple Crumb, French Vanilla, Chocolate Raspberry or even Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble, you’ll be giving coffee lovers something different to taste.

And with such crowd-favorite flavors, you’ll definitely have people coming back to buy extra bags.

JavaJavaMoola Coffee FUNdraising

Ready to Buy Your Coffee?

JavaJavaMoola offers some great coffee flavors as well as services like custom label making, a range of bag colors and free sales brochures.

So with our help and the above ideas, you should have no trouble getting those potential donors for your cause!