Does Packaging Matter? How to Choose the Right Coffee Packaging

Does packaging matter? Find out here and learn how to choose the right coffee packaging!

When it comes to storing coffee, the jury is still out on what the best method is.

Is it better to store your coffee in glass jars? Is it a bit too kitschy to store your beans in a paper bag? Whatever your preferred method is, the world is still divided on this topic.

And for a non-profit that’s about to use coffee for fundraising, the storage debate can cause a few problems.

So what’s the solution to this problem? Let’s investigate.

The One Factor to Rule Them All

The short answer is that it’s largely dependent on the type of coffee being packaged. You have to ask yourself if the coffee is freshly roasted and if so, when will it be sold and delivered?

Even freshly-roasted coffee can get stale fairly quickly, meaning that getting it to the end user quickly is critical. This is why it’s important that if you’re going to be selling coffee, you not only order it at the right time so it arrives just in time for your fundraiser, but you also choose a provider with a packaging that preserves its aroma and flavor.

However, be warned that despite your best efforts and top-quality packaging, this feature alone will not be able to preserve the quality of the coffee forever. Yes, it will prevent exposure to oxygen, will contain the coffee oils, and will protect the beans from breaking during transportation.

Coffee Packaging and why it matters

So what’s the Solution?

As stated above, one thing you have to do besides ordering the coffee at the right time is to be sure that your customers get freshly roasted coffee. JavaJavaMoola FUNdraising roasts your coffee when you place your order so you know you are getting the freshest coffee possible.

JavaJavaMoola FUNdraising Speciality Coffees and Beverages

Let’s Get Started!

Now that you know the secret, contact JavaJavaMoola and order your coffee.

If needed, talk to a representative about the right time for your order and be sure to give us the information we need to make your custom label.

With our quality bags, delicious coffee and streamlined ordering system, you should have no problem getting the best products for your fundraiser!