How Important is the Size of the Coffee Mug for the Flavor of the Brew?

A coffee-lover always makes sure their coffee is made just right for their taste. A little more bitter or sweeter than their liking can become a complete turnoff. But did you know that putting effort into making the perfect cup of coffee still doesn’t provide the best experience unless you’re using the right cup for it? 

Yes, you heard us right; the cup matters! 

How Important is the Size of the Coffee Mug for the Flavor of the Brew?

In our blog today, we’re going to tell you what kind of cup goes with each kind of coffee. So without further ado, let us begin:

Factors to Consider

The size of the cup should fit the drink you’re going to have. In a study conducted by Metro, the participants concluded that the taste of the coffee intensified in small and narrow mugs. Think about it—an espresso is pretty strong and it’s always served in rather small, narrow cups. Now you know why.

Another thing to consider is the material of the mug—it should be thick enough to keep the drink warm and fit for holding hot drinks. Nobody wants to burn themselves when all they wanted was a nice, hot, cup of coffee. 

Right Cup for the Right Drink!

Drip Coffee

Particulars for drip coffee are fairly simple—a mug that’s good enough to keep your coffee hot. What you need to know is that the size of the mug should match the quantity of the coffee. This way you can fill the mug to the top and keep your drink from cooling too fast. 


How Important is the Size of the Coffee Mug for the Flavor of the Brew?

Among the most common coffee types, lattes are to be served in large mugs—a large cup for a large drink. The drink is to fill the entire cup with the thick milk foam topping it, and keep the drink from spilling. 


The perfect shape for a cappuccino is a small, bottom-up, pear-shaped cup. The cup’s small diameter allows the espresso to flow in smoothly, without creating any bubbles. The drink comprises of 5–6 oz of liquid with 1/3 parts each of espresso, hot milk and foamed milk, and should fill the cup to the top. 



Like cappuccino, espresso tastes best when it’s served in small and narrow cups. This prevents the coffee from becoming cold too soon. The ideal size of an espresso’s cup is 2–3 oz and is egg-shaped (or oval). The shape keeps the espresso from bubbling as it trickles down into the cup; and unlike cappuccino, the coffee shouldn’t reach the top of the cup. 

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is a representation of the rich culture of Turkish art showcased on a coffee-cup that’s called finjan, and is 1.7 oz in size. Having Turkish coffee in a traditional finjan makes you feel like you’re in a café in Istanbul. To maintain the authenticity of the presentation accompany the cup with a matching saucer, and don’t fill the cup to the brim. If you don’t have a finjan, then an espresso cup would do too.

How Important is the Size of the Coffee Mug for the Flavor of the Brew?

As a coffee lover, you’d always want to enhance the flavor and make it better in every way you can. Keeping in mind the kind of cup that goes with a particular coffee can contribute to making the experience even better!

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