Coffee consumption in the US- Statistics and Facts

Coffee consumption in the US- Statistics and Facts

It is no secret that we Americans love our coffee. Whether it’s a refreshing morning cup, or that late night post-dinner cappuccino, it’s a staple in the diet of millions in the country. It has been reported that Americans consume the most coffee globally, just behind Finland, with an intake of two cups of coffee daily. They also spend a third of their income on coffee than they do in investing!  

So let us dive deeper into the coffee culture in the US: 

General statistics:

In the marketing year of 2016/2017, it was found that the amount of coffee consumed in the US was about 25.02 million 60-kilogram bags—that’s a lot!  Furthermore, in an online survey carried out by the National Coffee Association (NCA) from January 9 to January 23, 2018, participants were asked what kind of drinks they consumed in the past day. Respondents between 60 years and older consumed about 72 percent of coffee. Furthermore, the hot drinks’ market in the US was worth 17.78 billion US dollars in 2016.

Some trends

A report by the National Coffee Association (NCA) published in Forbes concluded that 59 percent of coffee consumed in the US is formerly called ‘’gourmet’’. This was the first time in this report’s long 67-year history that more than fifty percent of daily coffee consumption fell into this gourmet category. 

People aged 65 and older mostly had their coffee at home, while people under 35 drank their coffee on the go. 


Fun facts

24 minutes per day were found to be spent making and drinking coffee in the United States. Moreover, 190 days were wasted to coffee during a working lifetime, that’s about $400 per worker. 

The average worker was found to drink around 20 cups of coffee a week, 1,040 a year, and those within the age range of 18–64 were found to have drunk 47,840 cups during a lifetime! There are so many different types of coffees as well, but the top three customers prefer the café americano, café latte, and of course, the hearty cappuccino. 

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