Ways to Make Your Coffee Super Healthy

Ways to Make Your Coffee Super Healthy

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With the deplorable health conditions and the rise in obesity levels in the country in recent times, the youth of America has become more health conscious than their predecessors. However, that doesn’t mean that the average American adult is ready to give up coffee. As 83% claim that they can’t live without their fill of caffeine every day!

So we decided to come up with solutions where Americans can still enjoy their daily shot of espresso while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Milking Your Milk Preferences 

Ways to Make Your Coffee Super Healthy

Start with milk. Using almond or soy milk instead of cow milk is a healthier option as coffee often already contains inflammatory elements; almond milk can help reduce mucus inflammation in your body. You can just add any unsweetened milk and add the same rich creaminess to your drink without the added sugar!

Sweeten the Coffee with Cocoa or Cinnamon

Ways to Make Your Coffee Super Healthy

If you’re a health conscious freak, sugar is your enemy. However, to dilute the bitter tang of coffee you need a sweetener and since sugar isn’t an option for healthy living; you’ll have to raid your spice cabinet! That’s right, a natural flavor like cocoa, vanilla or cinnamon can add the perfect blend of sweet and spicy to your concoction and still be good for your health. In fact, cinnamon is God’s gift to mankind because it has so many health benefits, that it should make an appearance in your daily diet chart anyway, irrespective of whether you add it to your coffee or not!

Don’t Slurp It in One Go!

The reason you feel jittery after your morning caffeine intake is that you don’t let your body digest the strain at a slow pace. This not only leaves your body over-caffeinated but also doesn’t allow you to enjoy the creamy goodness of it! So wait a while, set a leisurely pace and let it wake you up sip by sip!

Pair it with Good Fats

Ways to Make Your Coffee Super Healthy

Coffee on its own, that too in the morning can be bad for your stomach and by extension your health. Pairing it with a healthy snack will keep the effect of caffeine in control and won’t result in increased blood-sugar levels. 

Buy Good Quality Coffee

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