Bonding Over Caffeine—Why Coffee Dates Are the Best First Dates

Bonding Over Caffeine—Why Coffee Dates Are the Best First Dates

It can be difficult to decide where to go on a date, especially if it’s your first one. You find yourself contemplating about all the possible choices and what you can do to simply make a good first impression. The answer is pretty simple, and the answer is coffee. 

Coffee dates are always a good idea. The ambience is calm, the aromas are delicious, and coffee is the best drink to bond over; no wonder Starbucks was number one in the Top First Date Hot Spots of 2018 list! 

So what makes coffee dates so special? 

Here’s why they’re the best: 

You’re actually going to get a chance to chat

Sure, going to the cinema might be great, but it doesn’t really give you the chance to connect with your date on a deeper level. When you’re going out with someone for the first time, you want to know the basics. You want to know their specific likes and dislikes, what they look for in a partner, what their life goals are and so on. 

Coffee dates are casual and low-key, and they’ll give you the chance to talk and determine whether you want to take it forward or not.

You can dress casual 

We’ve all been through the anxiety of figuring out what to wear when it comes to fancy dinner dates. You ponder over what color or dress to wear or if you should go with heels or with flats. But with coffee dates, you can simply put on a pair of jeans and a decent top and you’re good to go. 

Coffee shops are also home to a wide range of clientele and can be the ideal spot for people watching and musing with your significant other!

Bonding Over Caffeine—Why Coffee Dates Are the Best First Dates

They’re inexpensive

Coffee tastes amazing, and it’s a cheaper option compared to dinner dates. A fancy dinner and movie can cost you around $75-100

You’re meeting someone for the first time to see if you can establish a possible connection or not, so don’t be keen on spending too much. It’ll be easier on the pocket too especially if it’s the end of the month! 

Remember that everyone loves a good cup of coffee, and if things go well, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spend more on your date. You don’t have to go all out the first time. 

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