Depresso without Espresso: Why Coffee is Your Best Friend

Depresso without Espresso: Why Coffee is Your Best Friend

Your morning cup of glory aka coffee is probably the best friend you never had. It doesn’t ask silly questions, it listens, and it never (ever) disappoints. It is no wonder why Americans love it so much, and why one cup is never enough. It was found that the average American drank around two cups of coffee daily, and one-third of them spent more money on this not-so-guilty pleasure than they did on investing.  

That being said, we do understand that your espresso might not be the answer to all your problems in life, but it’s definitely worth a shot. Here’s why:

Irresistible aroma

You’re probably familiar with the warm, soothing smells of coffee that lighten up your senses as soon as you walk into a coffee shop. The different kinds of flavors available today have added a unique twist to these aromas as well. It was found that coffee comprised of molecules for all kinds of appealing aromas. These included sweet, spicy, and fruity scents. 

These aromas combined with unique tastes have brought about the love for coffee people have today, and they can now enjoy the drink is various forms, styles, and even colors. 

Health benefits 

Yes, that’s right. Past studies have found that coffee consumption reduced mortality rates and reduced the risk of developing cardiovascular problems. Moreover, it was also found to decrease the onset of Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, and liver diseases. It was even found to reduce depression while entailing other cognitive benefits. 

Keeps you awake 

Coffee can be seen as the shot of life that helps us conquer the day and it’s many obstacles. Whether it’s work pressure, studying, or relationships that have got you worked up and tired, your cup of coffee will help keep you awake through it all. 

It was found that the caffeine present in coffee had the power to change our brain chemistries. It had the ability to block out adenosine, a natural brain chemical that is associated with wakefulness. This greatly helped to prevent the slowing down of nerve cell activity, and led to people being awake for longer periods of time. 

It’s great everywhere, anywhere 

Coffee is not just a drink, it’s a lifestyle; a means to connect with new people. You can enjoy it on a date, after meals, or even solo. We’re sure you know the enticing feeling of unwinding in a coffee shop with your cup of latte coupled with your favorite novel. It’s also dynamic in nature, and can be molded into every culture accordingly. 

Depresso without Espresso: Why Coffee is Your Best Friend

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