Cappucinanana: How Coffee Can Save Your Corporate Fundraiser This Year

Learn how coffee can save your corporate fundraiser this year!

Your coffee is your knight in shining armor. A cup of coffee can be seen as the dark knight that saves the day, and even create a twist in the corporate world when sold in fundraisers. Just like it’s the perfect motivation to get out of bed in the morning, it serves the same purpose when it comes to motivating your employees. It gives them a chance to reconnect and amalgamate for a greater cause.

Small-scale businesses have benefited immensely from fundraisers, and it has helped boost employee morale and participation in their cause. Fundraisers can be ideal to enhance publicity for new brands, as well as potential investors.

Below we will discuss how coffee can save your corporate fundraiser this year: 

Employee engagement in activities 

Coffee can be a great product to include in your fundraising events if you’re just starting off. In a poll conducted, it was found that around 79 percent of coffee drinkers purchased at least one cup of coffee every day. If it’s consumed regularly this often, then your fundraiser is sure to generate significant revenue through its coffee sales, and even act as a great opportunity to increase employee participation. 

Getting employees involved through different activities can encourage them to invest in your cause and make your campaign a success. You can consider getting more employees involved by offering to match their charitable donations, or set up sports activities like golf or soccer tournaments. 

Community-driven fundraising 

This kind of fundraising is ideal for new businesses, and it helps transform your base of supporters into sincere advocates. These can be your donors, volunteers, board members, or employees. The portrayal of emotion inducing stories about your cause, strong images or videos can fuel people up to engage in it too and purchase your coffee products. This will also motivate them to share your cause with others and make them more aware of the social problems your fundraiser is outlining, 

Make lasting relationships 

Your coffee fundraiser can help you establish valuable connections with investors and build your reputation in the commercial world. Using inspirational stories and marketing strategies and building it up from there creatively, through coffee, can lead to many investors willing to contribute to your cause and help you establish more momentum in the field. This can be of great help during your future business endeavors. 

How Coffee Can Save Your Corporate Fundraiser This Year

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