Carbonated Coffee: The Rise of The Bubbly Brew

Are you a coffee enthusiast who can’t imagine waking up without their morning cup of coffee? Well, have we got news for you! 

Your mornings are about to get a lot better with the new sparkling coffee that’s quickly taking over the coffee world today. Haven’t heard of it before? Allow us to elaborate:

What Is Sparkling Coffee?

Sparkling coffee is also known as carbonated coffee and is basically a bubbly, iced Americano made of coffee and soda-water. Sparkling coffee is becoming the new morning buzz for many people who’re being inventive about the taste of their coffee—from bitter taste to citrus splashes, they’re coming up with all kinds of new flavors.

Carbonated Coffee:  The Rise of The Bubbly Brew

What Makes the Bubbly-Coffee So Special?

A lot of people just like the idea of bubbles in their drink—think about it; isn’t a carbonated soft-drink better than a non-fizzy one? And isn’t sparkling water so much more fun than regular water? Besides the fact that the fizziness adds to the drinking experience, there’s also reason to believe that carbonation adds to the taste as well. 

How Is Carbonated Coffee Made?

There are two common ways to make bubbly coffee. With the first method, the coffee is simply cold-brewed or an espresso shot is chilled; in the second method, a soda topping is added to coffee that’s been poured into a glass with ice. The topping can also be of seltzer water or tonic water. This is followed by a mild addition of citrus (lemon or lime wedge), finished with syrup, and voila! Your bubbly-coffee is ready, or what’s more commonly known as coffee soda.

Another method is to cold-brew the coffee with tonic-water and refrigerate it in a tightly covered container to prevent the coffee from going flat. You may then proceed to add any finishing touches of your preference, like adding citrus to keep it from becoming too sweet.

And if you’re feeling extra perky, you can customize your bubbly-coffee with your favorite soft drink. In case you want an extra buzz, you can choose a soft drink with a higher concentration of caffeine, which will compound the amount of caffeine in your drink.


Get The Tiny Bubbles At Home!

 You can’t always go to Starbucks to fulfill your nitro coffee craving. The easiest way to get the very popular nitro-coffee-like creamy, fizzy mixture at home is to use one of those whipped cream dispensers that you probably already have at home. 

All you have to do is go about making your cold-brew the usual way and pour it into your whipped cream dispenser. Then follow the instructions on your dispenser like you normally would and tada! You have your very own homemade nitro-coffee.

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