Make Yourself a Cup of Coffee Outdoors

The art of brewing the perfect cup of coffee has grown technologically due to the addition of extensive equipment and gadgets that are intended to add convenience. However, it’s very refreshing to return to the roots every now and then and make coffee the traditional way; over fire.

Hikers and scouts often make their coffee over fire to get their morning dose. The rich and natural flavor of coffee combined with the aroma of burning wood, makes it even more special. If you want to learn the craft of brewing great coffee over fire, stick with us for a bit longer!

Make Yourself a Cup of Coffee Outdoors

The Guide 

Step 1

Once you’ve started a fire with wood or coal, put the pot over it and fill it up with water. Only fill half the container. Heat it to its boiling point and then remove it from the fire once that is done.

Step 2

Add the coarsely ground coffee into the water and mix it well. The appropriate coffee to water ratio is 7 grams (or a tablespoon) of coffee for every deciliter of water. This pot should then be returned to the heat.

Step 3

Bring this mixture close to boiling point and let it simmer for a bit. It’s imperative to not let this mixture boil as that will lead to a bitter taste. Repeat this process another one or two times.

Step 4

Remove the pot from the fire and let it sit for 5 minutes. Let the coffee granules settle at the base of the pot and serve it best at 75-80° to achieve the best taste.

Some Tips 

People who frequently make coffee over fire advise spinning the pot really fast so that the grounds settle faster and knocking it three times. They also suggest hastening the process by adding some cold water or vodka. 

Spinning also helps with cream formation on the top in the shape of a spiral. A tip to avoid the dregs from making their way into your cup would be to fix a pine tree branch in the nozzle of the pot. 

Make Yourself a Cup of Coffee Outdoors

The flavor of this coffee is very soft and mellow and consists of a lot of fat as it is not filtered. Also consider using coarser coffee as finer options would be over-extracted and become bitter after a while. This type of brew is ideal for both light and dark roasted coffee beans. 

If you’re looking for coffee beans for your next hike or wish to try out making coffee over fire in your backyard, contact us today! We also supply buyers and nonprofits with personalized coffee packaging to help them with their fundraiser programs. This way, you can help out a local community while also enjoying the wonders of perfectly brewed coffee. It’s a win-win situation! Get in touch with us now for further details.