The Importance Of The Visual Appeal Of Your Cup

The Importance Of The Visual Appeal Of Your Cup

First impressions are everything and presentation matters. This is particularly important when it comes to food. You’ve probably been attracted to that scrumptious cake in the bakery loaded with toppings, or that warm pasta printed on the menu card. 

We want to eat what looks good because subconsciously we feel that if something looks good, it’ll surely taste so too! When it comes to your cup of coffee, the visual appeal is equally as important. You might love drinking that black coffee, but surely you can’t deny the temptations of a beautifully decorated coffee cup! 

So how does the visual appeal of your cup matter? 

The beauty of the cup 

Barista art is on the rise in the US, with so many different colors and styles being used for coffee. Your coffee isn’t the generic kind anymore and some even go as far as to decorate it with glitter. After all, coffee is not just a drink; it’s an experience that should be appreciated as a whole! 

We’ve all mostly experienced times where we’ve contemplated on returning an item that didn’t look visually appealing. Similarly, when customers see their coffee decorated artistically, they’re inclined to have a taste of it. This is because our hedonic and sensory perception of it is influenced by the expectations that we have created about the coffee due to the visual cues. 

The size of your cup 

 The size of your cup forms an important part of its visual appeal as a whole. In the past, researchers have had contestants taste coffee in different sized mugs while taking aspects like the aroma, bitterness, sweetness, and intensity into consideration. It was concluded that the taste of the coffee was stronger when it was drunk from shorter, narrower cups. It was also more bitter and aromatic. This further testifies to the importance of the physical appearance of your coffee cup! 

Learn about the importance of the visual appeal of your cup.

 The color of your cup 

Research conducted by Van Doorn tested 18 participants to determine how much the color of a coffee cup affected their taste and perception of it. 

They were given a blue mug, a clear mug, and a white one. The participants were all drinking the same kind of coffee, but he wanted to determine if the color seemed to change its taste. It was found that the white mug intensified the coffee’s taste the most for them, as it made the coffee’s colors stand out. 

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