When you choose a fundraising company to work with, you really are partnering with them. Who you select and the product they provide makes all the difference in how simple or how difficult the campaign is going to be. The following are some comments about how people we have worked with feel, not just about JavaJavaMoola FUNdraising, but about our total system. From the selection of the best coffee beans, our roasting partner's attention to detail and quality, right down to the design and color of the bags and personalized logos. We strive daily to be a partner who really does share your passion & purpose.

Drinking Coffee

What People are Saying

Wow...the coffee or should I say the JavaJava. The quality and taste are amazing and everything we were promised. It’s fun to be providing our supporters something they really want and at a price that is a real value. We have absolutely found our solution to FUNdraising!
I have never seen a system so complete.....and all the flavors you offer....we are really excited
about working with JavaJavaMoola for years to come.
I couldn’t believe those bags. The detail of our logo was a really nice touch. It shows your company goes that extra mile. Absolutely incredible! I can’t wait to start this fundraiser.

One of the best fundraisers we have done. Your on-line order system is the best I have ever used. I am completely impressed...also impressed with the turn around time. I am extremely pleased. Thank you.
I think it is a wonderful thing your company does for fundraising. I’ve raised a lot of money for my cause because of your product!
Thank you so much for your service, I’ve had nothing but great feedback about your coffee! I’ve also had the pleasure of enjoying several flavors of the coffee, I especially like the Jamaican Me Crazy.
When we first heard about JavaJavaMoola it seemed to be exactly what we needed. Our small private school is bombarded all the time with the typical fundraising stuff...but this is different. Everyone in our Mountain town drinks coffee so this is going to be easy.
I received the order last week and people are flocking to my room telling me how delicious their coffee is! The strong favorites are Blueberry Crumble and Jamaican Me Crazy. The order was complete, and arrived quickly. We are planning on using your services again next spring, and hope to double our profits. I’m sure after everyone samples the coffee, that won’t be a problem! Thanks again for all your help!
Our first thought when the school budget cut back the funding for our annual 5th grade three day camp was to end the program but that seemed so unfair to the kids. With your program we can not only continue the tradition we can actually make it better. Thanks JavaJavaMoola for caring about what we do!
My daughter had just told us that the parents were going to need to fund the majority of an upcoming school trip when we heard about JavaJavaMoola. We are talking to the teacher in charge and believe this is an answer not just for our family but for everyone in the program.
I want to thank you. Being new to this kind of fundraiser you really helped lead us in the right direction and provided the epitome of customer service. Thank you for making this process as easy as possible.