Success ideas

Our experienced customer service team is ready to help you throughout your fundraiser.  Call toll Free
(800)851-9015 or email

  • Make your campaign FUN!  Create special rewards for your top salesperson or team.  We can suggest what is working for other organizations across the country and would love to hear what is working best for you.
  • We recommend a two week selling period. Since we don't have minimums, there is no need to let your first customer wait a long time for their products. Your supporters will appreciate the fast turn around and will want more.

  • Collect money as you take the orders.

  • Give your sellers a target & personal goal.
  • The money raised in your fundraising program is going to a specific cause so be sure to share that information with your sellers and supporters. People love to help a worthy cause reach its goal and fulfill its purpose.

  • For young sellers, we do not recommend door to door selling without an adult.

  • Need additional order forms? Easily print as many as you need HERE.